Transforming Tuition

The Tutors

We aim to raise standards in the delivery of tuition and to draw on the talents, energy and idealism of a range of suitable tutors, including qualified teachers, other professionals, current undergraduates and recent graduates.

Our Tutors

Anybody who works with the Tutor Trust will need to have the right mix of academic expertise, teaching ability and interpersonal skills. So all applicants to be tutors will be rigorously screened, and successful applicants will be properly trained, DBS checked and insured by the Tutor Trust.

As part of our commitment to reducing the attainment gap, we will require tutors registered with the Tutor Trust to provide some free tuition to students. For instance, for each six hours of paid work they secure, tutors would be obliged to give one hour of free tuition.

In building up a 'bank' of free hours of tuition in this way, the Tutor Trust will be able to carry out further educational redistribution in pursuit of its social purpose.

Pete Hewitson Training

Our Training

The Tutors appointed to the Tutor Trust are academically successful and high achieving and the purpose of the training package is to equip these individuals with an understanding of the role of the tutor, the nature of the tuition relationship and to develop the tutors' skills in teaching and learning.

The training programme consists of an evening session and two full Induction Days. The evening session is a chance to discuss the Tutor Trust ethos as well as some technical aspects of working with us. Day One focuses on the crucial tutor / tutee relationship, the welfare of the student and the tutor’s professional role in the school. Day Two concentrates on what makes a high quality tutorial session and planning for student progression. On Day Two tutors are also given the opportunity to focus on one of English, mathematics or science at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 (secondary school level) or to focus on literacy and numeracy for final year primary school students. Our tutors then work on creating a mock tutoring session appropriate to a specific student.

Ursula Training

The tuition training is delivered by an excellent team of professional teachers, overseen by our Quality Manager, former Deputy Head Matt Wallis. Mike Fitzpatrick delivers the general day of training for all tutors. Mike currently works in Initial Teacher Training at the University of Manchester on the PGCE Secondary Course. Carmel Kellet a former English teacher who currently works for an Exams Board and at the University of Manchester as a PGCE Secondary English tutor delivers our secondary English training. Carole Sharp has been involved in the Maths training for Tutor Trust for the last two years. She has been Head of Maths in comprehensive schools for 23 years and has been involved in Maths Advisory work for the last two years. Anne Butler has worked in Primary Education both as a teacher and consultant. She was a Maths Subject Leader before joining Manchester City Council as a numeracy consultant. Cath Alnuaamani, is a current science teacher at Trinity Church of England High School in Hulme and delivers our Science tuition.

Tutors Training
Tutors Training
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